Zibb Cloud

Download, save and share documents and files!

Open your disk
While working on the Internet, you need to study and save tens, and maybe hundreds of megabytes of information. Financial platforms significantly increase the need to preserve some legal and important information, that is the reason why the Zibb cloud has been created.

Applications: Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, Android

Service with a generous free version

We provide two gigabytes of disk storage, which can be expanded to the required unlimited space for a small fee if needed. You can upload any media files, documents, tables, presentations.

Convenient apps for files syncing

We have developed applications for you that will allow easily uploading files from computer or phone to disk, as well as finding the information you need and uploading it back.

We support Windows and Mac OS, Android and iOS.

Edit Microsoft Office documents right in the cloud

Don't have Microsoft Office at hand? No problem! Just upload the file to our cloud storage and edit it online. After editing, the file can be saved or printed.
Storage for documents and photos
Applications for Windows, Mac OS and mobile phones
Online editing Microsoft Office files
Exchange links with other users and work together